Donnerstag, 2. Februar 2012

Drinking Bad (Breaking Bad)

You've driven all the way out into the desert. You've even brought a geneRator to power your Fridge full of Beverages. You're going to mix them together and cReate something so awseome, even the folks down in Michoacán will be Talking about it. This will be your periodic table. But be careful. They might Come and get you.
And this stuff is dangErous as well. In the glaring desert sun you probably shouldn't drink too much. But who am I kidding? You're going to drink it all anyway. However, bring some friends at least! They'll help you fight those MexiCans and accompany you in your quest to intoxicaTion.

...every time Walt puts his glasses on or takes them off.
...every time someone says "Walter Junior".
...every time Walt uses his secret chemistry skills.
...every time you (almost) blush because of something Hank does.
...every time you feel bad for laughing.
...every time someone aims a gun at someone else (extra sip if gun is shot).
...every time Walt and Jesse argue.
...every time Skyler acts like the most annoying bitch in the world.
...every time Walt coughs.
...every time Jesse tears at his hair.
...every time someone takes meth.
...every time someone talks about meth.
...every time Walt tells a lie.

Finish your drink...

...every time they cook.

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