Montag, 10. Dezember 2012

American Drinking Story (American Horror Story Asylum - Season 2)

A bloody murderer, an evil demon, Lizzy Borden, Anne Frank and some aliens enter a bar.
(You got it? That is the joke!)

Everyone takes a drink
… every time the “Dominique”-song plays
… every time you see Bloody Face
… every time someone is locked in a cell
… every time there’s blood
… every time someone is fastened to a bed
… every time you see an alien or a bright white light
… every time someone says something racist or political incorrect
… every time someone gets beaten
… every time there is a flashback
… every time someone makes out
… every time the mutations get fed
… every time the demon is being evil
… every time a new patient arrives
… every time you see someone’s naked behind
… every time Pepper is being Pepper
… every time someone runs

Finish your drink
… every time someone dies

If you're still watching the first season, start with our drinking game for season one!

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