Montag, 4. März 2013

Drinking Louie (Louie)

If you are currently on a plane, consuming free alcoholic beverages and thinking about letting the world in on your drunken genius - please close this window and do so!
If not we can help you achieve a similar state of enlightenment. Just pop in an Episode of Louie and follow these rules:

Take a drink...

...every time the guy in the opening credits gives you the finger
...for every stand up comedian
...every time Louie talks about his kids
...every time Louie is on a date
...every time Louie has his sad face
...every time someone smokes
...for every curse/beep
...every time Louie eats Fastfood/Ice Cream
...every time some crazy New York-person does crazy New York-stuff
...every time Louie is on a plane/in an airport
...for every "Daddy...!"
...every time Louie touches his face
...every time someone is really mean to Louie

Finish your drink...

...every time Louie talks about jacking off/his dick

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