Freitag, 6. Januar 2012

Awkwardly Drunk (Awkward. - Season 1)

-Fill in your name-,

As you are now, you are way too sober and you should change that
i m m e d i a t e l y.
Below is a list of suggestions you should take into serious consideration.

1. Stop being such a pussy.
2. Go to the next supermarket.
3. Buy yourself a sweet bottle of cheap liquor.
4. Invite some friends (because drinking by yourself is kind of sad).
5. Put on an episode of Awkward.
6. Play this game.

A Friend

Everyone takes a drink
… every time Matty sniffs under his armpits
… every time someone takes a drink
… every time Jenna writes in her blog
… every time Sadie says something nasty
… extra sip if she adds "You're welcome!"
… every time Jenna hooks up with someone
… every time Ming has to stay at home
… every time someone mentions the small size of Jenna’s boobs
… every time someone mentions the big size of Jenna’s mom’s boobs
… every time a mobile phone rings
… every time Tamara is obsessed (again) with Ricky Schwartz
… every time Valerie says something ambiguous
… every time someone wears a “Jenna lives”- T-shirt
… every time they call out for “Jenna Hamilton” in school
… every time someone uses an abbreviation

Finish your drink
… every time something awkward happens to Jenna

Only for advanced players (Warning: This might lead to severe befuddlement!)

Everyone takes a drink
… every time Jenna does a voice over

If you're already watching season 2, check out our drinking game for the second season!

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