Mittwoch, 4. Januar 2012

Game of Drinking (Game of Thrones - Season 1)

Winter is coming and you need something to pass your time? Something that keeps you warm? Something that distracts you from the ugly beasts that roam the forests and make you shiver in fear? Well, please come in and play a little game with us!
While the winds howl around the house and the snow piles up, we’re sitting near the fire, furs covering our backs and re-watching this show of schemes. Our wine and whiskey bottles seem to be emptying themselves because we have to take a sip...

...every time Tyrion Lannister says something suggestive.
...every time someone talks about Varys’ balls.
...every time someone calls Jon Snow “Bastard”.
...every time Robert Baratheon curses.
...for every nipple.
...every time someone is killed in a gruesome way.
...every time we see one of the wolves.
...every time Khal Drogo does his evil stare.
...every time someone is with a prostitute.
...every time someone says “Winter is coming.”
...every time someone says “A Lannister always pays his debts.”
...every time Arya talks about “Needle”.
...every time there is a fight.
...every time a raven brings mail.

The whole glass

...every time a King* dies.

If you've finished the first season - have a look at our drinking game for the second season!

* also someone who thinks he should be King.

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