Freitag, 6. Januar 2012

The Drinking Game (The Lying Game - Season 1)

- a very classy name for a not so classy show

But isn't it so much fun? The old twin thing? The soapy moments? The mystery? The bad boy with the Johnny Depp face? Oh well, I love it all!!
So how can you make something that much fun even funnier? Take a bundle of friends, mix yourself your favourite girlie coctails and the games can begin.
But remember: Watch out for this game, it's like a gun triggering your tongue.

Take a drink
…every time you see a swiming pool
…every time Ethan rides his motorcycle
…every time Emma/ Sutton changes her outfit
…every time Alec makes a sinister phone call
…every time somone mentions an „Annie“
…every time someone uses video chat
…every time someone plays golf
…every time Emma hugs someone
…every time someone dances
…every time Sutton says someting nasty
…every time there is a fight
…every time there is a party
…every time Laurel plays her violin

Finish your drink
…every time Emma and Ethan kiss
…every time somone realizes it's not the right twin
…every time the twins swap places
…every time they play "Never have I ever" -> play a round yourself!

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