Freitag, 6. Januar 2012

A toast to Revenge (Revenge)

Charade. Betrayal. Treachery. Duplicity… just listen to these episode titles! Don’t they make your mouth water? Anyway before we can get started, don’t forget: “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, take two shots” (Confucius). Yes, that’s an order.
Let’s rise our glasses, let’s toast to revenge, let the games begin.

Everyone takes a drink:
…every time we see a flashback of Emily’s past
…every time there is a flashback within an episode
…every time Victoria is called “the Queen”
…every time Nolan uses his dolphin camera or an other camera
…every time the dog Sammy turns up at Emily’s
…every time Jack takes out his boat, the “Amanda”
…every time there is a charity event
…every time the real fake Amanda is being sexxy
…every time we see the sea
…every time we see the infinity sign
…every time Emily does a voice over
…every time we learn something new about Emily
…every time Victoria says something nasty
…every time they are at the bar
…every time Nolan is lonely
…every time someone says "Revenge"
…every time we see someone in the Graysons' tower
...every time someone whispers threats
...every time Emily kicks some ass
...every time Emily looks in her box
...every time we see videos or TV news
...every time someone lies to someone

Finish your drink:
…every time Emily takes revenge aka. eliminates another person

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