Freitag, 6. Januar 2012

Pretty Little Drinkers (Pretty Little Liars)

Nothing really ever happens in this series, theories don't match up, who the heck is A and who murdered that annoying skank Allison? We dont know and we probably wont get any answers very soon. To make the wait a little easier we recommend to you the „Pretty Little Drinkers“ game which literally is about drinking like an ol' slot while watching this very girly show. Enjoy, my pretty little drinkers. Because if two keep a secret, one of them is drunk. Or what was it again?

Everyone takes a drink:
…every time we see a flashback
…extra sip for the pink stripes in Arias hair
…extra sip for the very bad fake fat suit Hannah wears
…every time we see someone wearing black gloves
…every time we see Torri Birch boots
…every time someone kisses
…every time the girls cross path with Jenna, the blind girl
…every time the girls look for A in the dark (in the forest etc)
…extra sip for every high heel
…every time a new guy/girl appears
…extra sip if you consider him/her hot
...every time you see the letter "A" somewhere
...every time Emily gets drunk
...every time someone spies on them
...every time an other lie is exposed
...every time they are at school
...every time a liar changes her outfit
...every time there is a fight
...every time they are in the "looney bin"
...6 sips for every 6 pack
...every time someone reappears after a long time of being absent (Hi Mike)

Finish your drink:
…every time the girls get a message of A
…every time someone dies or gets seriously hurt
...every time someone has sex

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