Donnerstag, 9. Februar 2012

The ID* Crowd (The IT Crowd)

 *ID stands for immensly drunk

Bloke 1: Blimey! This show is flippin' funny.
Bloke 2: Bollocks, there are much better shows on telly.
Bloke 1: Oi, let's get pissed.
Bloke 2: You're such a tosspot. Cheers Mate!

Take a drink
…every time someone says „Have you tried to turn it off and on again?“
…every time they are in court
…every time Jen has a new love interest
…every time Roy wears a nerdy T-Shirt
…every time we see a picture of Douglas erotic art
…every time they play the IT Crowd theme
…every time Moss takes words too literally
…every time Richmond appears
…every time Douglas makes his move on a woman
…every time Jen doesn't understand something that has to do with computers.
…every time we see a presentation video
...every time someone talks about the IT department
…every time Denholm gives us the Denholm look
...every time someone mentions Friendface

Finish your drink
…every time Moss and Roy kiss
every time someone says or calls 0118 999 881 999 119 7253

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