Montag, 6. Februar 2012

Misfits getting pissed (Misfits- Season 3)

The party goes on and on. Three is the lucky number, didn't you know. Stop being such a wanker and start this bloody game!

Everyone takes a drink:
…every time Curtis turns into a girl
…every time Alisha locates someone
…every time Kelly is a real rocket scientist
…every time Simon sees into the future
…every time Rudy splits into two persons
…every time they meet someone who was affected by the storm
…every time someone says wanker or slut or bitch – let's say a swearword
…every time someone says a synonym of vagina
…every time someone says a synonym of penis
…every time Kelly hits someone
…every time someone says the word "superhero"
…every time someone buys a power
…every time someone has a drink or takes a pill
…every time they change into or out of their orange community service uniforms
...every time someone has sex
...every time imitates sexual actions/moves

Finish your drink:
…every time a probation worker dies
…every time someone of an old episode reappears

If you're still watching season two - we also have a drinking game for the second season!
Or if you already reached the fourth season, take a look at our drinking game for it!

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