Samstag, 16. Juni 2012

The Drinking Diaries (The Vampire Diaries - Season 1)

I know you, my dear faithful followers (the millions of you), have all be waiting for this very special moment and I’m so very proud to present to you: The Drinking Diaries, Season 1. I mean c’mon, The Vampire Dairies is like the perfect show for a drinking game: it’s soapy, sexy and silly. Beware of the triple S! Anyway I hit a dry spot in my weekly series shedule and so I started to rewatch the first season. Oh you are so lucky, aren’t you? Enjoy.

Everyone takes a drink
… every time there’s a flashback
… every time someone wears a leather jacket
… every time someone wears some kind of old jewellery
… every time someone is invited in
… every time night falls
… every time someone wears a scarf
… every time there’s a crow
… every time there’s mist
… every time there’s a party or an event
… every time we see Damon topless
… every time someone writes/reads in a diary
… every time there’s a voice over
… every time someone takes drugs or drinks alcohol
… every time someone uses compulsion
… every time Elena is in her bedroom
… every time Bonnie does magic
… every time someone kisses 
… every time siblings fight
… every time someone screams
… every time a vampire feeds
… every time a vampire’s face becomes all veiny and red eyed
… every time they are at the grill
… every time someone uses the Gilbert watch

Finish your drink
… every time someone dies
… every time someone is turned into a vampire
 ...  every time someone has sex

If you have already ventured further and even reached season four, take a look at our drinking game for the fourth season!

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