Donnerstag, 5. Juli 2012

Getting drunk in Wonderfalls (Wonderfalls)

A few days ago I stumbled across this neat little show called “Wonderfalls” which lasted only for one season. And it just fits my bill: Slacker mid twenties girl? Check. Weird story line? Check. Cute scruffy bartender? Check, oh yes. Before I start drooling we better start this game. But don't be scared if the little plastic lion starts talking to you. It's only the wine. Or is it!?

Everyone takes a drink:
… every time they are at the Waterfalls shop
… every time they are at the bar
… every time they are at Jaye's trailer
… every time they change the screen via slides
… every time there's major sexual tension between Jaye and Eric
… every time Jaye changes into/ out of her shop uniform
… every time we see the waterfalls
… every time they mention one accomplishment of Jaye's family members
… every time someone talks about the lack of Jaye's accomplishments
… every time a new couple meets
… every time we bear witness of Jaye's horrendous driving skills
… every time we see the fountain and the statue of the native American princess
… every time they fast forward a scene
... every time Jaye and/or Aaron are mean to their sister Sharon
... every time Aaron talks about the cow creamer

Finish your drink:
…every time a plastic animal talks to Jaye
…every time Jaye helps someone


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