Sonntag, 15. Juli 2012

Game of Drinking (Game of Thrones - Season 2)

While outside everybody is scaredly running somewhere, we come together in our little shack and bring with us the last remnants of our precious alcoholic beverages. Together we have to find out what looms behind the vastness of the wall, have to scowl at Joffreys wickedness, have to watch the battles unfold...

In this night that is oh-so-dark and oh-so-full-of-terrors, we cling to glasses and bottles as though they were life rings keeping us afloat on a sea of horrors. But every now and then we have to loosen the firm grasp and steer the drinks in the direction of our bellies. We can't just sit here! We have to take a sip...

...every time Tyrion Lannister says something suggestive.
...every time they switch scenery.
...every time someone calls Jon Snow “Bastard”.
...for every nipple.
...every time someone is killed in a gruesome way.
...every time we see one of the wolves.
...every time the priestess of light does magic.
...every time someone is with a prostitute. (Shae counts, too!)
...every time someone says “Winter is coming.”
...every time someone says “A Lannister always pays his debts.”
...every time Arya makes Tywin Lannister (almost) smile.
...every time there is a fight.
...every time a raven brings mail.
...every time Bran dreams.
...every time Jaime Lannister makes fun of someone.
...every time Jaqen H’ghar pays his debt to Arya.

The whole glass...

...every time a King* dies.
...every time we see a supernatural creature.

If you're still watching season one - have a look at our drinking game for the first season!

* also someone who thinks he should be King.

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