Montag, 13. August 2012

Drunken Episodes (Episodes - Season 1)

Dearing Episodes. Crazy Episodes. Lovely Episodes. Funny Episodes. Sweet Episodes. Horrible Episodes. Awkward Episodes. Wonderful Episodes. Strange Episodes. Lame Episodes. Cruel Episodes. Kinky Episodes. Solid Episodes.
And then there are Drunken Episodes, they are the best.

To enjoy those Drunken Episodes, everyone has to take a sip...

...every time Matt calls Beverly "Betsy".
...every time someone mentions Matt's cock.
...every time there is a "Pucks" scene.
...every time Merc Lapidus acts totally ignorant.
...every time Matt and Beverly fight.
...every time the guard doesn't let Sean and Beverly in or lets someone else in without asking questions.
...every time the door talks.
...every time someone talks about Morning's age.
...every time there is a party or a charity event.
...every time Merc and Carol fuck.
...every time Myra (the "Head of Comedy") makes a face.
...every time Merc ignores his blind wife.

Finish your drink...
...every time the Hollywood guys change something about the show.
...every time there is a "Friends" reference.

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