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Awkwardly Drunk (Awkward. - Season 2)

<Fill in your name>,

As you are now, you are way too sober and you should change that i m m i d i a t e l y. Below is a list of suggestions you should take into serious consideration.

  1. Stop being such a pussy.
  2. Go to the next supermarket.
  3. Buy yourself a sweet bottle of cheap liquor.
  4. Invite some friends (because drinking by yourself is kind of sad).
  5. Put on an episode of Awkward.
  6. Play this game.

Your MOM

Everyone takes a drink
… every time Matty and Sadie share a tender moment
….every time Matty sniffs under his armpits
… every time someone takes a drink
… every time Jenna writes in her blog
… every time an anonymous person comments her blog
… every time Sadie says something nasty
… extra sip if she adds “You're welcome!”
… every time Jenna hooks up with someone
… every time random kids are “interviewed”
… every time they mention the “asian mafia”
… extra sip if the creepy fantastic Asian girl is involved
… every time a mobile phone rings
… every time Tamara is obsessed (again) with Ricky Schwartz
… every time Valerie says something ambiguous
… every time someone wears a “Jenna lives”- T-shirt
… every time they call out for “Jenna Hamilton” in school
… every time someone says “bitch”
… every time someone uses an abbreviation

Finish your drink
… every time something awkward happens to Jenna
… every time Jenna has to choose between Matty and Jake

Only for advanced players (Warning: This might lead to severe befuddlement!)
Everyone takes a drink
… every time Jenna does a voice over

If you're still watching season 1, check out our drinking game for the first season!

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