Sonntag, 30. September 2012

Drunk like me (Dead like me)

Another Bryan Fuller show. And it just fits my bill: Slacker teenage girl? Check. Weird story line? Check. Cute British reaper? Nah, not really my type, but did I mention he’s British? Oh well, enjoy. 

Everyone takes a drink:
… every time George does a voice over
… every time there is a flashback
… every time someone dies
… every time the dead person goes to the shiny place
… every time you see a graveling
… every time they are at the “Der Waffle house”
… every time someone complains about their served food
… every time they show how their new faces look like
… every time Rube calls George “Peanut”
… every time Mason is high
… every time Mason hits on a girl
… every time Daisy talks about her sexual encounters with famous men
… every time Roxy writes a ticket
… every timer Reggie acts out
… every time Delores hugs someone
… every time Delores says her name is like “her big” brown eyes
… every time they fast forward a scene

Finish your drink:
…every time George smiles

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