Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2012

Once upon a time I got totally wasted (Once upon a time)

Once upon a time there was a girl called Honey Melones. She got lost in a strange little town called Storybrooke. The people of that town welcomed her with open arms and a bottle of apple cider. But they didn’t tell her about the terrible curse that was put upon them. A curse so evil they didn’t dare to talk about it. However, I will tell you about it: It was the curse of Bacchus - the god of wine and drunken bliss. And they lived drunkenly ever after.

Everyone takes a drink
… every time the scenery switches from real world to fairy tale setting (and back)
… every time there is a fight
… every time someone does magic
… every time we see terrible CGI effects
… every time a new character is introduced
… every time Emma wears a leather jacket
… extra sip if it’s a new one
… every time Emma saves someone
… every time there’s a red apple
… every time someone laughs evilly
… every time the evil queen/ Regina does something evil
… every time Henry shows us the fairytale book
... every time someone kisses 
... every time someone says "magic/everything comes at a price" 
... every time someone tries to leave Storybrooke

Finish your drink
… every time someone dies

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