Sonntag, 9. Dezember 2012

Misfits getting pissed (Misfits– Season 4)

Another round for our favourite (anti)superheroes! Cheers, mates!

Everyone takes a drink:
…every time Curtis brings someone back from the dead
…for every Rudy
…every time Finn moves things with his mind
…every time Jess sees though something
... every time Abby lays on the floor
…every time they change into or out of their orange community service uniforms
…every time they meet someone who was affected by the storm
…every time someone says wanker or slut or bitch – let's say a swearword
…every time someone says a synonym of vagina
…every time someone says a synonym of penis
…every time someone imitates sexual actions/moves
…every time the probation officer threatens to fuck someone
...every time they are on the roof of the community center
...every time someone says “Alex “from the bar””
…every time someone has a drink or takes a pill
…every time someone has sex

Finish your drink:
…every time someone dies
... every time you see a vagina or penis 

If you're still watching the 3rd season, perhaps the appropriate drinking game would be a better place for you. 

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